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Forest Adaptation

1341403_ear-loop_headphonesMany bands are continually trying to promote their music. Whether a band is relatively new with a small following or a huge band known by millions of people, there are always opportunities for them to promote themselves on YouTube. The biggest benefit, however, comes to those that are not restricted by their record companies. The struggling artist has the ability and freedom to do whatever they please without having to worry too much about the ways in which they promote their songs.

Viral Videos

The absolute best way to get exposure will be the hardest. Viral videos have a way of making everyone that views them share the videos with their friends. If a band has something truly unique or shocking to share, they too can make their video into a viral success. This does not have to be crude content, but does need to be something that people can not help sharing. Once a video becomes viral, continual content and user interaction will turn every viewer into one that decides to subscribe to the channel. These are created with a lot of effort and there is no one way to make them a sure thing.


Bands can choose to have competitions in which they will provide something to their fans. This can be anything from giving one lucky person a free CD or giving a t-shirt out to 5 people. Local bands can also provide a pair of free tickets. However, a competition needs to have something for everyone involved. The rules should be stated directly and include a way for the person to promote the band. After all, this is what the band is after right? Asking all participants to share or like the competition video is a great way to gain exposure and really show fans how much a band appreciates them.

Convenient Content

Many bands are surprised when they see how willing their fans are to help them. This is not something new as dedicated fans will often go to the extremes for people that they truly admire. This should be something that inspires every single band to go to extra lengths for those that listen to their music. While a video is a great way to let fans listen to new music, it is only one way in which they can actually enjoy a song. Instead, offering them many options to listen to the same song will show them that a band is really putting forth all their effort to help them.

Cross Promotion

The idea that cross promotion can not help the popularity of a band is absurd. Whether this promotion is directly connecting with other bands that post videos or letting website visitors know about new videos, it can help immensely. The music world is very friendly and every artist wants their peers to find success. This cross promotion is the perfect way to achieve success on both ends. Covering another bands song is the ultimate compliment and if they like it, they may mention it in one of their videos.

1326889_mp3_playersThere Internet is filled with music for people to listen to at all times. A person has the opportunity to expose themselves to music from around the world and learn about new genres with ease. It is a great time for music lovers as there is always something new and exciting to listen to. Many people are already used to buying their favorite songs online, but there are other legal options to choose from as well. This does not have to be something that does not benefit the artist either. Many choose to seek a youtube to mp3 converter if they want a video to listen to, but there are many options beyond this.

Free Sites

There are many free websites that people can use to listen to music. This does not have to be sites that install malware on a person’s computer either. On the contrary, there are huge websites owned by legitimate companies that will offer music for free. These normally come in a few different forms.

Video Sites: Video sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo, always have the latest music videos uploaded to them. When a person wants to find a song, they merely go to the site and search for it. More often than not, these songs will be available for people to listen to at all times. If a song is older, it might be more difficult to locate, but they are usually on the site. Many artists will have their own specific channels as well which allows subscribers to find the newest music as it is uploaded.

Social Networks: Many social networking sites, such as the once popular MySpace, allow their users to upload videos. Many artists use these sites to keep all of their friends and followers up-to-date on what they are working on and normally uploaded their music videos as well. This is truly a great way to find new bands too as there are literally millions of great musicians on these sites.

Special Sites: There are sites that offer people the ability to upload and share their sound files with the world. SoundCloud is one of these sites and it has spiraled into an unstoppable music force. Many artists upload their demo albums or full songs to these sites so that people can freely listen to them. It is a great way to share their content, help them promote their work and generally get their music into the public’s eye.

Various Programs

There are a few programs that are also available to people. Many of these music programs are restricted by country, but they are legal ways to listen to music. Some may actually have a subscription service, but most of them will also a free option as well. These will normally display ads after a couple of songs, but it is always done in a non-intrusive way. These are great for the listener as well because they are completely legal and the person is still helping the artist as they get a cut of the advertisement revenue.

1288797_woman_with_headphones_listening_to_musicThere are times when watching a video on YouTube is not the way that a person wants to use the content. This requires a person to rely on the site for all of their viewing needs and can be quite inconvenient. When a person attempts to view this content using other methods, they will ultimately fail as they will always need an Internet connection. This is the business model that the site uses and is obviously in their best interest. While people should always support the site in the best manner that they can, there are some major drawbacks to the way in which they function. The biggest issue is when a video gets taken down by its author. This leaves everyone that routinely watches the video with no options to do so anymore. It is discouraging.

Quick Solutions

Authors always have the right to remove their video. While it is not recommended that a person download their video and upload it somewhere else, there is usually no harm in downloading it for personal viewing. This is not a function that the site offers, so many youtube downloader have started to offer it for people. These sites work wonders and do not cost a single penny to use. The way they work is that person pastes in the video’s address and hits the submit button.

The site will normally use a queuing system so that they can preserve the quality of their service which means a person’s video will go in queue. A person will then have to wait until their time comes when their video is up. When this happens, the system will start to convert the file and let the user know if it was successful or not. If it was a success, the website will display a link to download the newly converted file. This is great and allows a person to listen to their videos any place that they please.

Full Video Or MP3 Only

There is always some confusion on whether or not a person will want to use a full video or MP3 only converter. This is always a dilemma and truly depends on the person’s needs. More often than not, a person will want to bring this file wherever they go and will not have a means to actually play the video. In this case, the best option would be to choose the MP3 only converter.

Video downloading is great if a person has a means to watch the actual video. Tablets and laptops will be perfect for this as they will be able to play the video with relative ease. This, however, is not the most realistic option if a person wants portability. Carrying around these items when running or at the gym will not be an option.

MP3 converting will provide the benefit of being able to be played on a portable device and brought virtually anywhere that a person goes. If a person truly wants freedom in the way of listening to the video, this will be the option to pick.