Abs With Kettlebell

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abs with kettlebell

When incorporated into your workout, abs with kettlebell can be one of the most effective ways to burn belly fat and tighten up your core. Kettlebells are full-body exercise equipment that work many muscle groups, including the core, arms, shoulders, and back, to name a few. And, because of the unique way they’re held and moved, the abs are especially targeted by incorporating kettlebells into your workout.

Start this kettlebell abs move by lying on your back with the kettlebell firmly in front of you. Then, pass the weight from your right to left leg so that you’re bending from your hips. Repeat for a total of 8-12 reps on each side. This is a beginner move, but as you progress you can make it more difficult by lifting your legs off the ground and weaving the weight through your legs to create a figure eight shape (one side-to-the-other counted as one rep).  Read more abs with kettlebell – strongandfit.com

Kettlebell Core Challenge: Effective Ab Exercises for a Stronger Midsection

The kneeling woodchop is another great kettlebell abs exercise that targets the obliques. This moves  requires some core strength to execute, so you should consider getting a coach for this workout to ensure that you’re performing the movements correctly and not risking injuries. Begin in a high plank position with the kettlebell on the floor behind your right hand. Then, keeping the core engaged, reach for the kettlebell with your left hand by sliding it beneath your torso and over to your right side. Return the weight to the place where it was originally behind your right hand’s position and perform a few more reps on each side.