Chief Protein Bar Review

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The savoury, protein-packed snack made with real ingredients is perfect for Paleo eaters, Keto dieters and anyone wanting to cut out artificial junk. Made with nut butter and free from all that dried fruit and sugar found in most protein bars they are low in calories, but high in the good stuff. Crispy on the outside with a delicious biscuity texture.

Are Chiefs protein bars healthy?

They are a great option for athletes, bodybuilders and those who need to consume large amounts of protein throughout the day. It is better to consume small portions of protein over the course of the day rather than a huge amount in one go. A single Chief protein bar provides a substantial 20 grams of protein.

All the ingredients used in their bars are clean, natural and ethically sourced. The company is family and employee owned with a focus on healthy people and a healthy planet.

The bars are vegan and gluten-free with a non-GMO project verified certification. They are also kosher and suitable for those following the Halal diet.

The biggest con I could find was that the protein content is quite low compared to other bars. This may be a problem for some, especially if you are looking to bulk up. The other con is that the calorie count is quite variable across different flavors, which could be confusing if you’re trying to hit certain macros.