Choosing the Right Small Pendant Necklace Size

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A small pendant necklace is a single ornament attached to a chain or cord. It’s a simple and timeless jewelry choice that can be worn with almost any style. With summer camp-esque styling trends like letter charms and rainbow beads winding down, style stars such as Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Olivia Munn, Hailey Baldwin and many others are reintroducing more classic, season-less options into their jewelry boxes, such as gold pendant necklaces.

Where should pendant necklace sit?

Choosing the right pendant size is all about proportions and balance. A pendant that’s too big can overwhelm or look bulky on a thin chain while one that’s too small may get lost on a longer design. The material, design and texture of the pendant can also impact the appropriate size of chain.

When shopping for a new pendant, consider its height as well. Anything taller than an inch will be considered a large pendant. A taller pendant is ideal for men with a larger body frame.

Pendant sizes are typically measured by their length, from the top of the bail (or loop) to the bottom of the pendant. However, pendant width and depth are also factors to consider when selecting a necklace size.

As a general rule, men’s pendants tend to look better on shorter chains. Longer chains can be tricky with some styles of shirts, particularly those that are tight around the neck and collar such as V-necks. A pendant on a long chain can end up being hidden behind your shirt and a lot of people don’t like this look.