Energy Efficient Energy Savings – ECO4

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With increasing energy bills, many homeowners are looking to save money on their power bills. One way they can do this is by implementing energy efficiency measures in their homes. However, not everyone can afford to pay for these upgrades. The good news is that the government offers a variety of energy efficiency schemes to help people power their homes for less. One of these is the ECO4 scheme. Read more

ECO4 is the fourth phase of the Energy Company Obligation scheme and is designed to help make UK homes more energy efficient. It also addresses fuel poverty and contributes to the government’s goal of reducing carbon emissions.

Beyond the Grid: How Eco4 Energy Saving Initiatives Are Redefining Sustainability

The ECO4 scheme offers grants to pay for energy-saving improvements, including loft or cavity insulation, double glazing and boiler replacements. To qualify for a grant, a property owner must meet certain criteria. These typically include income-based eligibility and a property that meets specific energy performance standards, like having a roof suitable for loft insulation or a wall type suitable for cavity insulation.

Landlords can benefit from the ECO4 scheme by making their rental properties more energy efficient and offering a better living experience for tenants. They can increase their property’s value and attract more tenants while also helping to fight climate change.

The ECO4 scheme is the latest in a series of energy efficiency programmes set up by the UK government to tackle rising energy costs and fuel poverty. It is part of the wider Sustainable Warmth Strategy that aims to reduce the number of homes in England and Wales with an EPC rating below band C by 2022.