Fine Line Artists

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Fine line tattoos have been on the rise in popularity for the past couple of years. This style of tattoo is relatively simple, yet has been seen on celebrities. These fine line tattoos are usually black or gray in colour, and are made with a single needle, rather than multiple ones.

How do you keep fine line tattoos from blurring?

Fine Line Tattoos are often simple, but still have incredible detail. They are made with thin lines, so the artist needs to be very precise and have a steady hand.

Fine line artists are usually black and grey in colour, but can be created with more linear designs. Generally, these are very delicate, and can be used to create an ethereal look.

Some of the most popular fine line tattoos are geometric shapes, animals, quotes and fairies. Using an image from the heavens or astronomy are also popular.

There are a number of fine line artists working across the globe, and many of them share a common goal. Each of them is committed to helping each other through their artistic growth.

Christina Ross is a tattoo artist who has been in the industry for 15 years. She is a licensed artist and has taken numerous classes, including those that focus on fine line tattooing. Despite her long history in the art form, she has always been drawn to the finesse of fine line tattoos.

Hannah’s florals are popular online and offline. Her designs are also known for their vivid colors.