First National Confederate 7 Stars and Bars Flag

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First National Confederate 7 Stars and Bars Flag

The First National Confederate 7 Stars and Bars Flag was designed to serve as a symbol of the new country, the Confederate States of America. The national flag was originally adopted with 7 stars (one for each state that existed at the time of secession). Additional stars were added as more states broke away from the Union and joined the CSA. Read more:

This design was the result of a competition to find the first national flag for the newly formed CSA. It was selected from hundreds of designs submitted to the committee. Several designs paid homage to the Stars and Stripes, reflecting the nostalgia many South Carolinians felt for the Union.

A number of different men claim to have come up with the Stars and Bars design, but no official credit was given at the time. Two of the men, Maj. Orren Randolph Smith and Nicola Marschall, both received significant support from their families and home states in their quest to receive official recognition.

Unveiling Heritage: First National Confederate 7 Stars and Bars Flag

Both men had been members of the Confederate Congress before the Civil War and had served as flag committee members. The exact nature of their contributions to the final design is unclear, although it appears that both men played a significant role in developing the CSA’s first national flag.

The CSA used this flag from March 4 to May of 1863, and it was also used by a few army units as their battle flag. Its similarity to the Union battle flag led to confusion on the battlefield, and some felt that it weakened morale by reminding soldiers of the homeland they were fighting to defend.