How Weed Vapes Work

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Vaporizing cannabis is a discreet way to consume your favorite buds. It’s a healthier option than smoking, and it’s a good way to get the most out of your bud while saving money in the long run.

How it works:

Whether you’re vaporizing a flower, concentrate or wax product, weed vapes use heat to release the cannabinoids and terpenes found in marijuana. This results in a vapor high that lasts longer than smoke from traditional methods like bongs and pipes.

How to use:

The simplest method is using a vaporizer that heats your weed by conduction (like a vape pen). This type of heating element comes into direct contact with your bud, allowing for quick heat up times. However, the heat from the atomizer can also burn the herb, so it’s important to avoid holding your weed close for too long.

How to choose:

For a discreet and efficient experience, look for a vaporizer that’s specifically designed with cannabis in mind. Many vaporizers come with different settings so you can control the temperature of the vapor and the amount of weed you inhale at any given time.

How to use:

If you’re new to vaporizing, it’s best to start with a low dose. Then, work your way up from there. This will help you find the right dosage for your body and taste, and avoid wasting too much of your cannabis. The effects of vaporizing are usually less jolting than smoking, so beginners will have a more enjoyable experience overall.