Poland Price Index – Interim Polish Investment Managers

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EUWorkers the outsize role of state-owned companies, Poland is making progress in simplifying administrative processes and supporting digital public services. However, investors remain concerned about low predictability and the outsized influence of public-sector interests over policy decisions.

Poland’s constitution may allow the government to ignore penalties imposed by the European Union’s top court until it reaches a final ruling, escalating a battle with Brussels and fuelling concern about the rule of law. The ruling by the Constitutional Tribunal (TK) is the latest blow to EU-backed efforts to overhaul Poland’s political landscape. The ruling by the pro-European panel of judges was prompted by a dispute over whether the ECJ’s disciplinary chamber undermines the independence of Poland’s judiciary.

“Balancing Quality and Cost: Finding the Right Interim Services in Poland

The disciplinary chamber’s decision to impose penalties on Poland was made in the absence of a full trial and without taking evidence or hearing from defendants, according to TK’s ruling. It also did not include the grounds for such measures.

The European average for interim management durations was 11.5 months, just shy of a year. But there was considerable variation by market, with Switzerland and Austria representing the longest averages, followed by Poland, Spain, and Czech Republic. The average day rate for interim managers was 999EUR, but again, there was significant variation across markets with Spain and Poland representing the lowest average rates.