Prothane 6-702 Red Rack And Pinion Kit Review

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Prothane 6-702 red rack and pinion kit you are looking for an upgrade for your vehicle’s steering system, then check out the prothane 6-702 red rack and pinion kit. This package includes all the bushings needed to completely revamp your suspension’s handling. The urethane used by prothane is firmer than the original rubber, allowing for a longer lifespan and giving the suspension a boost in performance. While there is a slight increase in noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), this is not to be feared as the handling benefits far outweigh the minor NVH increase.

Prothane was founded in 1991 and began with less than 100 part numbers. Now, they are a well known brand that offers a wide range of urethane based parts for almost every vehicle on the road. Designed using Solid Works, a 3D CAD based program, all of their parts are engineered and manufactured right here in the US.

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Many of their parts, including the rack and pinion bushings, are available in both black and red. There is no difference in durometer, or hardness between the two, and both are able to last the life of your vehicle. Just be sure to grease them properly at install to prevent squeaking.