The Future of AI Referees in Football Video Games

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The Future of AI Referees in Football Video Games

The pace of technological เคล็ดลับการ เล่นบาคาร่า advancement is rapid, and the potential for AI referees to supplant human referees in football video games raises questions about ethics and fairness. Nevertheless, AI-based decision algorithms could help reduce human error in certain situations, and it is important that the technology supports rather than replaces the refereeing process. In order to implement these technologies successfully, however, it is vital that all stakeholders understand their limits and how they will impact the game. This includes spectators, teams, and referees themselves.

Whistle or Code? Exploring the Future Landscape of AI Referees in Football Video Games

In the study, the use of AI was divided into black-or-white decisions and discretionary decisions with scope for interpretation. It was found that the use of GLT and VAR leads to fairer results than the manual system, but that there is a need for optimization in terms of implementation and handling. Furthermore, it is recommended to only use the technology initially for black-or-white decisions. This would allow the referee to concentrate on other aspects of the game, and would help with improving the overall quality of decisions.

It was also found that it is difficult to use AI in decisions requiring a high degree of situational understanding or that have scope for interpretation. The use of AI in the evaluation of denying a goal-scoring opportunity is, for example, difficult because it involves assessing player behaviour and the willingness to take risks. This type of evaluation is also dependent on empathy, which cannot be modeled. This indicates that the decision-making of a referee as a human being is crucial for the quality of the game, and that any technological assistance in these areas will have limited success.