TikTok Ad Creation Tutorial for Small Businesses

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TikTok ad creation tutorial

Interested in running a TikTok ad creation tutorial but not sure where to start? Learn about the advertising options TikTok offers and how to make them work for your business in our comprehensive ad creation tutorial.

First, you’ll need a TikTok for Business account. This is a free and easy way to get started on the platform. Create a login with your email or phone number and set up billing information when prompted. Then, select whether you’d like to use Simplified Mode or Custom Mode for your ad campaign. Both are available to small- and medium-sized businesses, though Simplified Mode is more straightforward and easier for marketers without advanced technical skills.

From Concept to Creation: TikTok Ad Creation Tutorial

Once you’ve chosen your ad campaign name and created an ad group, you’ll need to choose an objective for your ad. Objectives can range from awareness (getting people to know about your brand or product) to consideration (when potential customers engage with a specific part of your business, like an app) to conversion (actually buying a product).

Once you’ve picked an objective, it’s time to get creative with your video. For an in-feed ad, you can upload your own video or use one of TikTok’s pre-made templates. Or try a Branded Hashtag Challenge, which lets you jump on a trending topic or create your own hashtag challenge to encourage user-generated content and increase engagement with your brand. You can even add professional-grade captions and auto-transcribed transcriptions for added impact with your audience.