Tips For Differentiating Thoughts Vs Feelings

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If you want to thoughts vs feelings your life, then you need a good relationship between your thoughts and feelings. The goal is to align them so they work together, instead of pulling you in different directions. Differentiating between thoughts and feelings is a skill that can be difficult to learn, especially if your thinking is negative.

In this article I’m going to give you some tips on how to distinguish between your thoughts and your feelings. It’s important to know the difference because it helps you to manage your negative thinking patterns. And it also allows you to see when your feelings are getting out of control.

Whether it’s fear, sadness, anger or anxiety – these are your emotions and they come from your body. Usually they are reactions to your thoughts (like you think a bad guy is in the room, so you feel scared) but they can also come independently of your thought pattern.

Navigating Inner Terrain: Thoughts vs. Feelings Demystified

Thoughts are mental, or cognitive processes that we create in our brains and that include beliefs, perspectives, opinions, judgements, etc.

It is easier to differentiate thoughts from feelings than it is to identify emotions because a feeling tends to be more descriptive, while a thought often has no description. If you are unsure if what you’re experiencing is a feeling or a thought, try describing it to someone else. If it makes sense to them, then it’s a feeling. If they don’t understand what you are describing, then it’s a thought.