What Star Sign Was Hitler?

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what star sign was hitler

When considering Hitler’s personality, the question of what star sign he was probably the best fit for is an important one. While it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly what star sign he was, we can speculate based on other astrological aspects. For example, his ascendant may indicate his need for attention and his tendency to overreact to small problems. It might also suggest his desire to make bold statements and to take the limelight.

The birth date of Hitler, April 20, 1889, is a good indicator of his zodiac sign. He was born in a small Austrian town under the sign of Aries, a sign whose characteristic trait is relentlessness. His birthplace, however, is a mystery; a memorial stone was erected outside of his home on the anniversary of his birth, which has been marked by a lot of confusion and skepticism from those who live nearby. His home was subsequently converted into a police station.

what star sign was hitler? While some historians and psychologists still pursue grand theories of the malignant personality, astrology is one way to explain the rise of the Third Reich. In fact, a recent biography by Sir Ian Kershaw suggests that Hitler was fascinated with astrology. His desire to know whether his fate was predetermined by his stars has led to his fascination with astrology.